Alchemy and Metaphysics in Shakespeare’s Time

Below is Julia Cleave’s talk on Alchemy. You can also watch Marty Hyatt discuss metaphysical themes in the Sonnets and Lisa Wolpe discuss the Alchemy of Gender as well as perform.

Our September 25th Fundraiser and Season Opener was a wonderful Zoom event. We had 3 brilliant speakers and a lively and learned hostess in Gerit Quealy, author of Botanical Shakespeare.

Thank you to all our speakers and supporters for making the event a success with regards to the continued exploration of the Shakespeare Authorship question. Above all, we gained a new appreciation for the thematic complexity of the works with regard to spirituality.

Penelope Rich as the Dark Lady

Yesterday John Hamill gave a stimulating talk on Henry Wriothesley, the Earl of Southampton. Some put this fair, young gent as Shakespeare’s lover. Others put him as the love child of Queen Elizabeth and Edward de Vere. But John Hamill puts him as the lovechild of de Vere and Penelope.

Penelope Rich (Devereux) is quite a fascinating candidate for the Dark Lady of Shakespeare’s Sonnets. You can read more about her HERE. Apparently she had 11 children with 2? different men and was considered to be ‘loose’ in the modern sense of the word.

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