George Peele, Robert Prechter and Shakespeare

We are excited to welcome Robert Prechter as our May 14 speaker for the Shakespeare Authorship Roundtable. Mr. Prechter is known for his work in financial prediction using the Elliott Wave Theory, but that will not be the subject of his May talk.

Robert Prechter

“Who Wrote George Peele’s ‘Only Extant Letter’?” is the subject that interests Mr. Prechter immensely. We can’t wait to find out why and also to examine in more detail this personal correspondence to discover clues that relate to the authorship question. George Peele was the 9th Earl of Northumberland and one of the University Wits; a writer associated with Shakespeare.

George Peele is one of many topics in Robert Prechter’s new 24 volume digital book called Shakespeare’s Voices which proposes that many publications from the era were actually written by Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, under other people’s names.

Additional reading on the subject of George Peele and Renaissance Drama can be found in, The Predecessors of Shakespeare: A Survey and Bibliography, Recent Studies in English Renaissance Drama. (1973)

For more information on the life and work of George Peele, take a look at the recent book by David Bevington called George Peele (2017)

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George Peele (1556-1596)

Sabrina Feldman & the Authorship Glass Slipper

Sabrina Feldman is an accomplished author and Program Manager at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Born and raised in Riverside, California, she attended college and graduate school at the University of California at Berkeley, where she enjoyed the wonderful performances of the Berkeley Shakespeare Company, studied Shakespeare’s works for a semester with Professor Stephen Booth, and received a Ph.D. in experimental physics in 1996

She spoke to the Shakespeare Authorship Roundtable in 2018 regarding Thomas Sackville as a candidate. In January, she will be speaking for us again to share with us why after extensive research, she still favors Sackville over Thomas North. She will also provide an update on the current state of affairs regarding the authorship debate.

Check out her 1st book’s Facebook Page. You can also read an ARTICLE she published in the Oxfordian. We are grateful to have Sabrina as a board member and are looking forward to her January event.

Alchemy and Metaphysics in Shakespeare’s Time

Below is Julia Cleave’s talk on Alchemy. You can also watch Marty Hyatt discuss metaphysical themes in the Sonnets and Lisa Wolpe discuss the Alchemy of Gender as well as perform.

Our September 25th Fundraiser and Season Opener was a wonderful Zoom event. We had 3 brilliant speakers and a lively and learned hostess in Gerit Quealy, author of Botanical Shakespeare.

Thank you to all our speakers and supporters for making the event a success with regards to the continued exploration of the Shakespeare Authorship question. Above all, we gained a new appreciation for the thematic complexity of the works with regard to spirituality.

Play On Podcast – The Scottish Play!

Another boon of the Pandemic. PLAY ON, an organization based in Ashland that used to get together in person and study one play at a time to discuss the specific language in the plays and how to make them more accessible, is now available on a Podcast.

Give it a listen HERE:

Even though the language is brilliant, the plots and the 5 Act Structure are pretty great too!

PBS Distributes “Last Will and Testament”

Buy this Movie!

Buy this Movie!

On October 15, PBS Distribution officially rolled out the DVD of Last Will and Testament, the remarkable documentary film that explores with beauty, intelligence and great depth the question of who wrote the works of William Shakespeare.

If you have an interest in the authorship question, you should order this film. Executive Producer, Roland Emmerich, who also produced and directed Anonymous, the full-length feature film on the subject, enlisted the estimable talents of director Lisa Wilson and Laura Wilson Mathias to make the non-fictional cinematic case for an author other than the man from Stratford. For over a year the movie has made the film festival circuit and debuted to excellent reviews in cities throughout the United States and Europe. (In fact the Canadian debut took place this weekend at the 2013 Annual Joint Oxfordian Shakespeare Conference in Toronto.)

And now you can order it on DVD from PBS.

Sir Derek Jacobi leads an impressive cast featuring Oscars-winning actress Vanessa Redgrave and Tony Awards-winning Mark Rylance on a quest to uncover the truth behind the elusive author, and discovers a forgotten nobleman whose story could rewrite history. It’s an awesome film. And now that PBS is rolling it out on DVD many more people will come to understand the controversy and why it has existed for over a hundred years.

Get the movie. Light the fire of genuine inquiry, and burn back the academic overgrowth of stodgy obstruction.

Run time is 85 minutes. It’s on for $19.99.