Welcome to our 2022-23 Season!

This will be our 3rd Season via Zoom (35th or so overall) and it’s wonderful to have international speakers and an international audience. Join us on October 15th at 11am PDT on Zoom. Our 1st event of the new season is traditionally a fundraiser as we no longer fundraise via snail mail. By using either the Event Link or our direct PayPal link, you can support this event or our whole season. No one will be turned away, so please email us for the link, if you would like to attend but do not wish to make a donation at this time.

Our first speaker is Peter Dawkins. Peter is a specialist in sacred architecture and a pioneer in the rediscovery of landscape temples and the Western geomantic tradition. He is the Founder-Director of the Zoence Academy and Elder of Gatekeeper Trust, dedicated to evolving an understanding, care and healing of man’s natural environment. He has written several books, including Francis Bacon: The Herald of the New Age. We are very excited to hear him talk about Francis Bacon with regard to the Shakespeare Authorship Question.

Our second speaker, Ros Barber is a writer, academic and speaker.  She is a senior lecturer in the English and Comparative Literature Department of Goldsmiths, University of London, since 2013, having previously taught Creative Writing for 12 years at the University of Sussex. She is a literary historian focused on the Early Modern period, in particular, the poet and dramatist Christopher Marlowe, and his social circle. Her debut novel The Marlowe Papers (2012) won the Desmond Elliott Prize.

Our third presenter, Rosemary O’Loughlin, is an actor and a Shakespeare lover. In 2022 she debuted her one woman show, “A Rose by Any Other Name” at Edinburgh Fringe. Rosemary is an Oxfordian and we are thrilled to have her share a live excerpt from her piece via Zoom. Her Instagram handle is @shakespearedevere. Her Twitter handle is @shakesmonologue.

We hope to see you there to discuss whether or not Elizabethan England was the world’s greatest Salon or the birthplace of a single, literary genius!

A Blast From the Authorship Past

We found a copy of an early list of speakers that we had put together for our 20th Anniversary (17 years ago). Our more recent speakers after 2005 are listed on our WEBSITE. We were there at the “beginning of the day” in 1985 and we hope we shall never see the end of the Authorship Question!

So much has changed and yet many of the authors here have stood the test of time. Maybe not the 400 year Elizabethan test, but still… We are very proud to be vocal and visible with regard to the very mysterious Shakespeare Debate.

Check out some of our speakers on YouTube and let us know what you think or who you’d like to see speak at one of our future Zoom Events.

Thanks for all your support over the years,

The Shakespeare Authorship Roundtable

Shakespeare Authorship Book Club with Michael Delahoyde

By The Book, SAR’s international book club, finished it’s second selection, 12th Night, An Oxfordian Edition recently. We met 6 times online. The first 5 times were to read aloud together one act of the play. (There are 5 acts)  The last time we met was for our formal book club meeting with Michael Delahoyde, the editor of our book selection.

The read alouds were a blast. It was great to hear the play with individual voices and tripping along at a conversational pace. The play came to life.

The conversations after the read alouds and during the club meeting were varied and fun with great participation. Sometimes we would go down a rabbit hole and start looking things up. Some of the more obscure topics that surfaced included “railing”, “Giordano Bruno”, and epiphany. I guess you had to be there.

And you can be there!  

For our next book selection we will be reading Necessary Mischief by Bonner Miller Cutting and Bonner has agreed to join us for the final club meeting, Saturday June 25, 2022 at 10 AM PDT.

Our first meeting will be in April. Buy the book now so you can participate.

To sign up for this free book club, send us a note at shakespeareauthorshipdotorg@gmail.com.

Shakespeare Authorship Book Club with Bryan Wildenthal

Recently the Shakespeare Authorship Roundtable started a book club called “By the Book”. We concluded our first 90 day read of Bryan Wildenthal’s, Early Shakespeare Authorship Doubts on December 11 with a Zoom meeting with the author.

While reading we were writing emails once a week to provide the opportunity to exchange ideas and questions about the material. We had a schedule of which pages we were reading each week and we tried to keep the email comments related to those specific pages. 

It was great that we had such a terrific book.  Most of the members were impressed with the author’s ability to explain the issues of early authorship doubt during Shakespeare’s life. Bryan is a lawyer and he spells things out in a way that is very satisfying for the layperson.

He was a delight in our Zoom meeting and fielded our questions with aplomb.  All in all, the book club was a success so we’re going to do another book. The next book is 12th Night by Shakespeare, an Oxfordian edition, released in August 2021. We will keep to the same general format, but since it is a play I thought we could add a few additional Zooms where we read the play out loud. Each person would take a part.

If you are interested please email shakespeareauthorshipdotorg@gmail.com before January 7th. We will officially begin 12th Night during the week of January 10th.

The Case for Sir Thomas North as Shakespeare

On May 8th, 2021 we had a wonderful Authorship Roundtable Zoom Talk given by Michael Blanding and Dennis McCarthy. The talk is separated into two videos which will play simultaneously below.

The newly discovered Elizabethan manuscript: “A Brief Discourse of Rebellion and Rebels” by George North (Thomas’s likely cousin) is shown to contain nearly identical source material of 11 Shakespeare plays. The reprint of the manuscript with analysis is available on Amazon and is written by Dennis McCarthy and June Schlueter.

Michael Blanding, an investigative journalist who wrote a New York Times article about Dennis McCarthy’s work with plagiarism software in 2018, added his own research on Thomas North. His new book, “North by Shakespeare” was featured in Smithsonian Magazine in April.

Please watch the video below and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more thought-provoking talks on the Shakespeare Authorship Debate.