Celebrate the Bard! 400th Years.


April 23, 2016 marks the 400th anniversary of the passing of William Shakespeare, the one born and raised in Stratford on Avon and that a lot of people, especially English teachers and people with an equity interest in Stratford real estate, believe wrote the plays and sonnets. The entire world is celebrating the event, including the Roundtable. If you’re local or in town, PLEASE JOIN US!

On Sunday, April 24, at 2:00 we will join with the Shakespeare Authorship Coalition and the Shakespeare Center at Los Angeles to host a celebration of the Bard and at the same time pose a challenge to the orthodox view that the fellow from Stratford authored the plays. The event will be “spear” headed by John Shahan and the Coalition, which is the group that published and promoted The Declaration of Reasonable Doubt. In the face of some pretty nasty intimidation by orthodox Shakespeare scholars, the “Declaration” offered a simple forum where people could stand up and declare what any unbiased person would say is just common sense: that is, there is room for doubt on this subject. Thousands of people – scholars, Supreme Court judges, psychologists, theater professionals — have since signed the document, including great Shakespearean actors like Mark Rylance and Sir Derek Jacobi It’s basically a way to stand together against intimidation and censorship and for free inquiry. If you haven’t already, please check it out and sign. (Declaration of Reasonable Doubt about the Identity of William Shakespeare.)

The co-sponsored event on Sunday will open with an introduction from Actor-Author, Michael York. We’ll screen about 30 minutes of the terrific documentary film that was produced by Roland Emerich, Last Will. & Testament, the portion of the movie that deals with reasons to doubt that Shakespere of Stratford was the author of the plays. Then our own Sylvia Holmes and John will talk about new evidence and arguments that have turned up since the Declaration was issued in 2007.

This is going to be a provocative, enlightening and more than likely emotional event. So mark your calendar. NOTE: it is free, but ticketing is required.

Date:  Sunday, April 24, 2016

Time:  2:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Place:  The Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles

1238 West First St, Los Angeles. Street parking available on First and Second Streets, Edgeware Road, and Bixel St.

To order tickets to this free event, just go to: “Beyond Reasonable Doubt” at the SCLA website. The SAC website is at: DoubtAboutWill.org, and the SAR site is at: shakespeareauthorship.org/


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