Charles Champlin, SAR Benefactor and Advisor Dies at 88

Charles Champlin To whom we owe a great debt of honor

Charles Champlin
To whom we owe a great debt of honor

All of us at the Roundtable were saddened by the passing last month of LA Times film and arts critic Charles Champlin. His wide, varied and enduring contributions to LA culture were well articulated in the paper’s obituary, a link to which is included below. Champlin was 88.

For us at the Roundtable the loss was also personal. Mr. Champlin was there at the very founding of the Roundtable in 1985. He served on the SAR board of advisors throughout our 30 year history, and was one of our most articulate and reasoned supporters. Writing that he “loves a good mystery, so why not this one?” he devoted several articles in the LA Times Calendar to the authorship question during the mid-1980s, despite the negative criticism from traditional scholars. Mr. Champlin’s support for the validity of ‘questioning’ provided much needed and appreciated encouragement to independent researchers whose work continues today.

In this our 30th year, the SAR and its members honor and remember Mr. Champlin, to whom we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude.

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