Speaks November 10th

On November 10, 2012, the Roundtable hosts a very special lecturer speaking on a very topical subject: Politics! Just four days after we find out the results of our own contentious political season, the great Louis Fantasia will speak to the politics of Renaissance England, where there may be some comparisons to be made.

“SHAKESPEARE’S POLITICS: MEN IN SHEETS!” is the name of the lecture and will be given Saturday, November 10, 2012 10:30-12:30pm at Roxbury Recreation Center, Room 101 , 471 S. Roxbury Dr.(Corner Roxbury & Olympic), Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Shakespeare’s politics – and those of his fellow Elizabethans – were informed and defined by a single, if complex and complicated, model: Rome. The Roman body politic took several forms: dictatorship, empire, republic, and each of these found its way into Elizabethan political thought. This talk will not only explore Shakespeare’s Roman plays, but will also look at the rest of the canon, where “Roman” issues manifest themselves in the Histories, Tragedies, Romances, and even the Comedies.

Louis Fantasia has produced and directed more than 150 plays and operas worldwide. Louis is currently Chair of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the New York Film Academy’s Universal Studios/Burbank campus, and Director of Shakespeare at the Huntington, the teacher training institute of the Huntington Library. In 2003, the Council of Europe in Strasbourg named the theatre collection at its library in the European Parliament in honor of Louis Fantasia, who holds both U.S. and European Union passports. His book, Instant Shakespeare: A Practical Guide for Actors, Directors and Teachers has been used worldover and his second book, Tragedy in the Age of Oprah, will be published by Scarecrow Press.

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