The “Truth” Needs Your Help! Film seeks funding to meet conference deadline

Edward deVere, 17th Earl of Oxford

“Vero Nihil Verius” is the Latin motto emblazoned on the deVere family coat of arms. In English it translates to “Nothing is Truer Than Truth”, which is the title film producer/director Cheryl Eagan-Donovan has chosen for her new and much anticipated documentary film on Edward de Vere, Seventeenth Earl of Oxford. The film focuses on the years 1575-76, when de Vere traveled the Continent from his home base in Venice, gathering the material that many academic and lay scholars believe would become the works of Shakespeare.

The filmmakers have travelled throughout the world, but especially to Italy, and have interviewed authorship authorities with a wide and sometimes controversial spectrum of ideas about the relationship between the content of the Canon and the life of its author. Their argument is that deVere was the author and that the plays reflect very closely the events that occurred in his life.

Cheryl and her team are working around the clock to finish editing the film for a rough cut screening at the Shakespeare Fellowship SOS Joint conference in Pasadena on Saturday October 20th. But they need HELP!

The link below will take you to the “Indie Go Go” website, which is a unique funding platform that helps worthy causes like “Nothing is Truer Than Truth” find like-minded people to help produce the movie.

Just click on the link and see the trailer for the film. Have a look at the synopsis and the bountiful talent associated with this project. Who knows: You may find your name in the credits.

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